FAW Forensics Acquisition of Websites


FAW is the first browser conceived to acquire web pages for forensic purposes from any web site available on the internet.


FAW - Forensic Acquisition of Website - Screenshoot


New features in version 5.0

  • Multilingual - Currently supported languages: English, Italian, French and Polish
  • All dates and times have been converted to ISO format with indication of the time zone
  • View/edit the hosts file
  • Screencast in format mp4 h264 25f/s
  • Obtaining the IP address and hostname of the web page
  • New management of the cache deletion user customizable
  • Return to the home page after the acquisition of the web page
  • Improved stability and performance

New features in version 4.0

  • Add function to save the data acquisition on the remote server
  • Add function check acquisition on the server
  • Add function to check the IP address from which you run cient the acquisition
  • Ability to send the error log to the developers
  • Add check the hash of the file FawCA.dll, responsible of the verification of the integrity of the acquisitions

New features in version 3.1

  • Integration with VLC Media Player to record the computer screen during the acquisition of the web page (screen recording).
  • Added function of mouse logger to detail all operations performed with the mouse during the Acquisitions of the web page.
  • Added function key logger to store all the keys pressed during the Acquisitions of the web page.
  • Added possibility to choose to manually or automatically cleans the cache before the acquisition.

New features in version 3.0

  • Changed the logic of acquisition, introducing a fourth button, thus allowing better control and workflow acquisition of the Web page.
  • Integration with WireShark to record the traffic present on all active network interfaces during the acquisition of the Web page, the investigator can then make an analysis of network traffic is passed to navigate to the web page, and also on the intrinsic behavior the same.
  • Record all system events in the Windows machine generated during acquisition.
  • Improved speed and performance.
  • The title bar is also indicated the active folder where you saved the acquisition.

New features in version 2.1

  • Acquisition of all objects connected to the web page automatically. You can acquire all file types including: images, files, documents, executables and scripts. The references of all scanned files are placed in the file Acquisition.xml reporting guidelines of the original path and hashes of control. The acquisition of objects connected to the page is user configurable from the menu Configuration> Linked Objects.
  • Improved speed and performance.
  • The cache is no longer deleted automatically but only if requested by the user with the function Clear Cache in the Tools menu.
  • The title bar is shown the Case ID on which you are working.
  • Added Open Case Directory function in the File menu to open the folder of the current Case ID on which you are working.
  • Improved log between an acquisition and the other within the same session.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

New features in version 2.0

  • Added a verification algorithm of acquisitions
    in this version of a file is generated that contains a code name Cheking.faw control that allows you to check if the two files Aquisition.txt and Acquisition.xml were not altered
  • All dates and times of acquisition are shown in UTC
  • Dates are entered via connection to an NTP server configured by the user
  • Added the ability to send an email with attached at the end of the acquisition the summary files
    you can send email via your mail client or directly via the FAW
  • are recorded the now and the end of the acquisition
  • The program is now able to report whether the acquisition was performed by passing through a proxy server
  • The program also records the address of the DNS server configured on the machine local
  • The graphic image of the scanned page shows the outer edge of the date and time Acquisition
  • Fixed minor bugs
FAW Forensics Acquisition of Websites